Congratulations to Julia Watzek, who with Sarah Pope and myself just had a paper come out in Scientific Reports on cognitive flexibility in capuchin and rhesus monkeys and humans (the latter of whom are not as flexible!).

Thanks to Marilyn Norconk, John Mitani, Charlie Menzel, Melinda Novak, and Chuck Snowdon for a fantastic symposium on Pioneers in Primatology at ASP 2019 in Madison, WI. They gave a fantastic set of talks!

Congratulations to Meg Sosnowski, who successfully defended her thesis on how testosterone and cortisol interact with memory and “choking” in capuchin monkeys. Well done, Meg!

Welcome to Jhonatan Saldaña, one of our own undergraduates who is joining us this fall as a graduate student. We’re excited that he chose to stay here!

Our lab was just awarded an NSF DRMS grant to look at the impact of conflict on cooperation in non-human primates.

Congratulations to Olivia Tomeo Reilly, who successfully defended her thesis on the hormonal correlates of risk-taking behavior in capuchins using a modified BART task. Well done, Olivia!

Congratulations to Olivia Tomeo, who was awarded the Kuczaj Memorial Travel Grant from Conference on Comparative Cognition to travel to present her research at the CO3 annual meeting!

Welcome to Jessie Adriense, who is visiting our lab from the University of Vienna for the semester.


Welcome to Matye Martínez Navarrete and Lauren Robinson, who have been accepted as a graduate student and postdoc, respectively, to work with me and Dr. Friederike Range on our FWF grant studying decision-making in wolves and dogs!

Congratulations to Marcela Benítez, Meg Sosnowski, and Olivia Tomeo, whose recent paper in the American Journal of Primatology was selected as the October 2018 paper of the month!

Congratulations to Olivia Tomeo, who won a travel grant to the Animal Behavior Society annual meeting!

Welcome to Stella Mayerhoff!  We are glad to have her join our lab this year as our newest graduate student.

Congratulations to Caleb Truscott, who won a scholarship through the Honor's College and the Emertus Faculty to travel to Costa Rica this summer to do behavioral endocrinology on wild capuchin monkeys.


Congratulations to Caleb Truscott, who won the outstanding poster award in the Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference.  Caleb must have set a record winning both the GSURC and PURC poster awards in the same year!

Congratulations to Laurent Prétôt, who successfully defended his dissertation, "Factors influencing species' performance in a cross-taxon comparative research program"!  Laurent will be leaving in the fall to begin a postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Katie McAuliffe in the Cooperation Lab at Boston College.  Congratulations Laurent!

Congratulations to Marcela Benítez, who was just awarded her NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship to study the hormonal underpinnings of cooperation and social behavior in capuchin monkeys!  Marcela will be advised by Sarah and Meg Crofoot.  Marcela also recently won an Honorable Mention in the Animal Behavior Society's Allee competition for the best student paper.  This was a great week for Marcela!

Sarah, Bart Wilson, Steve Schapiro & Mike Beran were awarded an NSF grant, SES 1658867, "Collaborative Research: Impacts of social context and ecology on strategic decisions in dynamic interactions".

Darby Proctor recently participated in a workshop focused on sending humans to Mars, where she discussed the psychology of the astronauts and met Buzz Aldrin!

Congratulations to Audrey Parrish, whose paper in JEP: Animal Learning and Cognition, which was based on her dissertation, earned her the 2016 Early Career Award from the Society for Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Science (Division 3 of the American Psychological Association).

Congratulations to Caleb Truscott and Eric Le, whose poster won the best poster in the Social and Behavioral Sciences division of the Georgia State Undergraduate Research Conference (GSURC).  Way to go, Eric and Caleb!

Sarah won this year's GSURC Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor award.  Thanks to all of my fantastic undergraduates, who making my job a lot of fun!

Sarah and Adrian Jaeggi hosted the first Southeastern conference on Evolution and Human Behavior at GSU in March.  It was great weekend, and we hope that others can join us next year!


Congratulations to Julia Watzek, who is this year's Rumbaugh Fellow for her work on how decision-making leads to emergent outcomes that would not necessarily have been predicted.  Great job, Julia!

Congratulations to Laurent Prétôt, who won an APA Dissertation Fellowship.  This year he has also published several papers that set up his dissertation.  Way to go, Laurent!

Congratulations to Marcela Benítez, who successfully defended her dissertation at the University of Michigan!

One of our former undergraduates, Mari-Lyn Arbir, who is now a full time primate keeper at Zoo Atlanta.  Congratulations to Mari-Lyn! 

Welcome to Meg Sosnowski and Olivia Tomeo!  Olivia and Meg are joining our team as first year graduate students this year.  You can learn more about them on their personal pages.

Congratulations to Valentina Garzon, another of our outstanding undergraduates, who is now attending the Yale School of Law!

We (Sarah, Marcela Benítez, Meg Crofoot, Charlie Janson, and Clara Scarry) were awarded an NSF IBSS grant to study decision making in capuchin monkeys both at GSU and in Iguazú, Argentina.  We're excited for the opportunity to do this project!

Big congratulations to Kate Talbot, who defended her dissertation!  Dr. Talbot will leave us in May to start a postdoctoral fellowship at the UC Davis Primate Center working with John Capitanio, Karen Parker and Elliott Sheer on a project studying naturally occurring low-social rhesus monkeys as a model of ASD.

Congratulations to Aeslya Fuqua, one of our awesome undergraduates, who just accepted a position in the PhD program in Educational Psychology at GSU.

Sarah was this year's Outstanding Graduate Research Mentor for the College of Arts & Sciences.  Thanks to my outstanding graduate students, who make my job a lot of fun!

Congratulations to Kate Talbot, who won this year's Richard Morrell Outstanding Graduate Student award from the Department of Psychology.  Way to go, Kate!

Audrey Parrish has accepted a job as an Assistant Professor at the Citadel.  Congratulations, Audrey!

Katie Hall has accepted a postdoc at the Chicago Zoological Society's Brookfield Zoo, where she is coordinating a study on chimpanzee welfare at 15 AZA-accredited institutions.  Congratulations, Katie!


Congratulations to Audrey Parrish, who successfully defended her doctoral dissertation, An Investigation of Emergent Perceptual Phenomena in Primates: Illusions and Biases in Decision-Making.  We are proud of Dr. Parrish!

A paper from our lab on the influence of personality on inequity responses in chimpanzees, featuring authors Lydia Hopper, Hani Freeman and Kate Talbot, was chosen as one of the featured papers of the month for Animal Behaviour and featured in an accompanying commentary by Editor Michelle Scott.

Dr. Darby Proctor accepted a job as Assistant Professor of Psychology at the Florida Institute of Technology, where she will be part of the animal behavior program and developing a research program at the Melbourne Zoo. Congratulations to Darby!

Sarah and co-PIs Tyrone Grandison, Katherine Jack, Sekou Remy, Tim Linkvayer, Julie Murrell, Stacey Tecot & Mark Hauber received a grant from the National Academies Keck Futures Initiative (NAKFI) program to study the mechanisms underpinning collective behavior.

Kate Talbot won the Outstanding Graduate Student Research award for the Psychology Department at GSU, a very well deserved recognition of all that she has accomplished at GSU.  Congratulations, Kate!

Sarah won an Outstanding Faculty Achievement Awards from the College of Arts and Sciences of GSU.

Congratulations to Mari-Lyn Arbir for being chosen to graduate with distinction from the psychology department.  Mari-Lyn is currently doing an internship at Zoo Atlanta.

Laurent Prétôt won a dissertation fellowship from GSU to go to French Polynesia to study wild cleaner fish decision-making as part of his dissertation comparing decision-making in highly cooperative cleaner fish and primates.

Sarah was appointed as a fellow of Division 3 of the APA.   She is also serving on the awards committee for Division 3.

Kegan Isaack was chosen for the APA Division 3 pipeline program.  This program allows him to be a student member of the APA while he pursues post baccalaureate work in animal cognition.  Kegan graduated this spring with honors, having done his honors thesis in the CEBUS lab.


A recent review on the evolution of fairness published in Science was nominated for Faculty of 1000 prime.

Sara Price graduated with her master's degree and accepted a job as a Research Ethics Program Associate with the APA.  Congratulations to Sara!

Congratulations to Audrey Parrish, who won the Richard Morrell Outstanding Graduate Student award for the Psychology Department at GSU for her balance of research, teaching and service during her time at GSU.

Sarah was the plenary speaker at the annual Animal Behaviour Society annual meeting in Princeton, NJ.  

Sarah was the inaugural recipient of the APA Division 6 Cleversys Early Career Award .  She was also the program chair for the APA Division 3 program for the annual meeting in Washington, D.C., and was elected as a member-at-large of Division 6 of the APA.

Kate Talbot received a dissertation fellowship from GSU to pursue her work on face recognition.  She will extend her master's work on orangutans to look at face recognition in capuchin monkeys.

Sarah and co-PIs Mike Beran, Steven Schapiro, and Larry Williams received a grant from NSF (SES 1425216) to study factors that influence expectations about reward outcomes in monkeys, apes and humans.

Sarah and co-PI Becky Williamson received a grant from NSF (SES 1357605) to study how the sense of property develops in young children.  We are using procedures Sarah earlier developed for chimpanzees to study children as, unlike previous procedures, these simplified procedures allow us to work with very young children with limited language abilities.


Darby Proctor's paper on the ultimatum game in chimpanzees, published in PNAS, was featured with an accompanying commentary by Manfred Milinski.

Hani Freeman's paper on personality dimensions in chimpanzees was featured as the paper of the month in the American Journal of Primatology.

Laurent Prétôt was awarded a doc.mobility graduate fellowship from the Swiss Science Foundation to continue his graduate work at GSU.  Congratulations, Laurent!

Sarah was one of the speakers at the Sackler Colloquium In the Light of Evolution VII: The Human Mental Machinery at the National Academy of Sciences Beckman Center, Irvine, CA.  While she was there she also gave a Distinguished Voices lecture.

Catherine Eckel, Sarah, and Randy Nesse were awarded a workshop grant from the NSF (SES 1331418) to host a workshop to bring together biologists and economists to consider the interplay between cooperation and conflict.

The John Templeton foundation awarded a $3 million grant to a group led by Elliott Albers to study the role of oxytocin in human prosocial behavior.  Sarah is leading the team studying the influence of oxytocin on decision-making in capuchin monkeys, rhesus monkeys and chimpanzees.

Congratulations to Kate Talbot, who won an APA dissertation fellowship to continue her work on face perception in non-human primates.

Congratulations to Laurent Prétôt, whose poster was the runner up for the APA Division 3 student poster award.

Audrey Parrish won the APA Division 3 Best Early Career Presentation at the fall meeting of the Comparative Cognition Society.  Congratulations, Audrey!

Congratulations to Audrey Parrish, who won the Rumbaugh Fellowship.  This fellowship will supplement her stipend while she completes her PhD work.

Sarah was appointed as a fellow of the APA, Division 6.


Congratulations to Darby Proctor, who just became the first PhD student to graduate from my lab!  She will be going to work with Dr. Frans de Waal as part of Emory University's FIRST program for her postdoc.

Sarah was a plenary speaker at the American Accounting Association annual meeting in Washington, D.C.

Congratulations to Audrey Parrish, Sara Price and Laurent Prétôt, all of whom were chosen to be inaugural Primate Social Cognition, Evolution and Behavior fellows!

Congratulations to Terrell Jenrette, who was chosen to be a part of the Neuroscience Scholars program for the Society for Neuroscience.

Audrey Parrish and Kate Talbot were chosen to receive Rumbaugh Grants-in-aid to support their graduate research.

Congratulations to Mandy Riddle, who won an NIH IRTA postbac and will be working with Drs. Steven Suomi and Annika Paukner at NICHD.

Congratulations to Danny Fernandez, who was chosen to represent the GSU Honor's College at the Colonial Athletic Association's honors symposium.

Sarah won the Outstanding Junior Faculty award and the Outstanding Faculty Achievement award for the College of Arts and Sciences of GSU.

Sarah was elected secretary of the International Society for Justice Research.


Congratulations to Kate Talbot for winning an NSF graduate research fellowship!  These very competitive fellowships give her 3 years of stipend support.  Congratulations also to Sara Price, who won an honorable mention in this year's competition.

Congratulations to Laurent Prétôt, who won a Fulbright Fellowship to pursue his dissertation work at GSU!

Darby Proctor received dissertation fellowships from both the APA and GSU for her work on risk perception in non-human primates and humans. 

Sarah gave a talk about her research in the NSF SES Distinguished Lecture Series.

Sarah and co-PIs Bart Wilson, Steve Schapiro and Mike Beran were awarded a grant by NSF (SES 1123897) to extend our work studying the evolution of decision-making using games derived from experimental economics to compare the decisions of humans, chimpanzees, rhesus macaques and capuchin monkeys.  

Lydia Hopper received a small grant from the American Society of Primatologists.

Audrey Parrish won Southern Society for Philosophy & Psychology student travel award.

Audrey Parrish was also recently chosen to be a member of the inaugural APA Graduate Student Science committee.

Sarah was chosen to be on the organizing committee for  for 15th annual Kavli Chinese American Frontiers in Science program through the National Academies of Science.

Congratulations to Terrell Jenrette, who was chosen as a NET/work fellow!

Congratulations to Audrey Parrish, who won a student travel award to the annual Southern Society for Philosophy & Psychology annual meeting.


Darby Proctor was chosen to receive a Rumbaugh Grant-in-aid to support her graduate research.

Sarah was one of the inaugural recipients of the Dean's Early Career Award for early career faculty with 10 years of their PhD.

The Language Research Center received a renewal of our NIH Program Project grant (P01HD060563).  Sarah will work with PI Mike Beran and co-I Becky Williamson to explore how self-control influences decision-making in primates and children.


Kate Talbot was chosen as the Bailey Wade Outstanding First Year Graduate Student for the department of psychology at GSU.  Congratulations, Kate!

Sarah was awarded an NSF CAREER award (SES 0847351) to extend her work looking at the evolution of responses to inequity.  In particular, she will extend the work to new species of primates to expand the comparative approach and will explore how different factors such as relationship and personality influence subjects' responses.