Welcome to the South Eastern Evolution and Human Behavior group! This group was founded in 2017 by Sarah Brosnan and Adrian Jaeggi to bring together people working on evolution and human behavior broadly defined - primatologists, paleoanthropologists, archeologists, human behavioral ecologists, cultural evolutionists, evolutionary modelers, evolutionary psychologists, etc. are all welcome. This is a small regional meeting: our goal is to bring together people from the South East (roughly, Georgia, Alabama, the Carolinas, Florida, Tennessee) in a small, friendly setting to facilitate connections and informal exchange among like-minded researchers and students. The two previous meetings were attended by 60-75 people from Tennessee, Georgia State, UGA, Emory, KSU, Clemson, FIT, and more, and featured talks by faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students. See here for the SEEHB 2017 and SEEHB 2018 programs.

The meeting will again be hosted at the Indian Creek Lodge of Georgia State, on Saturday March 23. The meeting will start with dinner and drinks on Friday night, March 22nd, at Sarah’s house, and there will be presentations all day Saturday. As before, everyone will get a chance to briefly introduce themselves with a 1-2 minute lightning slide and everyone is encouraged to present a poster, especially students who may not be ready for a talk, but still want to get feedback on their work!

We are excited to announce our keynote speaker for 2019, Professor Dietrich Stout, Emory University Anthropology. Dr. Stout’s research focuses on the behavioral, cognitive, and neural bases of tool making in order to understand the evolutionary history of the human mind and brain.

We aim to keep registration costs to a bare minimum to encourage wide participation; the venue is being sponsored by the Language Research Center of GSU, so we will just need enough to cover food and drinks ($15 for students, $25 for postdocs, and $30 for faculty). In addition, we kindly ask all locals to consider hosting out-of-towners to make it more affordable.

If you are interested, please register at https://doodle.com/poll/cacxrtms98depmf4. If you have any additoinal questions, please email Sarah Brosnan. We’d love to have you join us!

Many thanks to this year’s steering committee, who are bringing it all together! They include Olivia Tomeo (GSU), Ryan Brady (Emory), Sarah Kovalaskas (Emory), Erik Ringen (Emory), and Caroline Jones (UGA).

Pictures from SEEHB2 in 2018!