Lab Outreach


Students Jhonatan Saldaña, Julia Watzek, Caleb Truscott, and Olivia Tomeo Reilly at the 2017 Fernbank Museum of Natural History’s Adventures in Science day, in which families got to participate in our tasks and compare their performance to our non-human primate subjects.

Science is a publicly funded enterprise, therefore it is vital that science is available to all. Part of our lab mission is to provide that information where we can. All of the members of my lab participate in outreach activities aimed at bringing an improved understanding of science and the scientific method to the general public, particularly K-12 students. Some of these activities include participating each year in Fernbank Museum of Natural History’s Adventures in Science Day, the Atlanta Science Festival, Brain Awareness Month, giving talks to the general public (lectures at museums or the Atlanta Science Tavern), judging at local science fairs, engaging with K-12 students through talks and participation in programs like Letters to a pre-scientist, and participating in programs to enhance communication with the public, such as ComSciCon Atlanta and the Flame Challenge.

See below for some highlights and photos of our lab’s recent outreach activities!

Recent Outreach

Jhonatan Saldaña, Stella Mayerhoff, Mackenzie Smith, Meg Sosnowski and Sarah Brosnan participated in the 2018 Fernbank Adventures in Science Day (photo at right).

Meg Sosnowski was an organizing chair and panelist for the ComSciCon Atlanta 2018 conference

Sarah Brosnan wrote blogs for the Center for Humans and Nature and Orbiter Magazine

Marcela Benítez, Stella Mayerhoff, and Meg Sosnowski are active in the Atlanta pod of 500 women scientists

Letters to a prescientist cropped.jpg

Sarah Brosnan will give an upcoming Explorer Lecture at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Meg Sosnowski participated in the letters to a pre-scientist program, where scientists are pen pals with students interested in pursuing a career in the sciences (photo at left)

Stella Mayerhoff and Jhonatan Saldaña were guest scientists at the Science Book club at A Capella books

Olivia Tomeo Reilly and Meg Sosnowski visited Stonewall Tell Elementary School for their Imagining the Future initiative

Meg Sosnowski gave a talk on her work on prosocial behavior for the Atlanta Science Tavern

Spotlight on Marcela

Dr. Marcela Benítez

Marcela has been active in outreach since she was a graduate student, completing the University of Michigan’s Science Communication Fellowship, participating in the Flame Challenge (see her video, left!), engaging in extensive outreach in Costa Rica at the field site she co-Directs, Capuchins de Taboga, and being active in 500 Women Scientists, among many others. For more details on Marcela’s outreach, see her website.

Photos of our lab’s outreach activities