Postdoctoral Fellow

University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna and Georgia State University

Curriculum Vitae



Personal webpage:

Twitter handle: @laurenrobin

Research Interests: personality, animal welfare, cognition


II specialize in psychology (differential, comparative, health), animal welfare, and applied animal behavior (i.e., applied ethology). I am interested in interdisciplinary research that utilizes a mix of methods (e.g., surveys, behavioral observations, cognitive tests, physiological measures) to answer research questions across a range of species. I have researched domestic dogs, rhesus and Japanese macaque, chimpanzees, Asian and African elephants, penguins, and bear, among others, housed across multiple settings include zoos, labs, and research facilities.

My research has historically focused on questions relating to how individual differences (specifically personality) are associated with other aspects of an animal’s life, such as their health and happiness. As a postdoctoral research fellow with Doctors Sarah Brosnan and Friederike Range, I am extending into research on cooperation in domestic dogs and grey wolves.