Personality Influences Responses to Inequity and Contrast in Chimpanzees

S.F. Brosnan, L.M. Hopper, S. Richey, H.D. Freeman, C.F. Talbot, S.D. Gosling, S.P. Lambeth, and S.J. Schapiro (2015). Animal Behaviour
* Featured paper of the month, with an accompanying commentary by Editor Michelle Scott (PDF)

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Social Networks in Primates: Smart and Tolerant Species Have More Efficient Networks (PDF)

C. Pasquaretta, M. Levé, N. Claudière, E. van de Waal, A. Whiten, A. Macintosh, M. Pelé, M. Bergstrom, C. Borgeaud, S.F. Brosnan, M. Crofoot, L. Fedigan, C. Fitchtel, L Hopper, M.C. Mareno, O. Petit, A.V. Schnoell, E. Polizzi di Sorrentino, B. Thierry, B. Tiddi, and C. Sueur (2015). Nature Scientific Reports

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Developing a Comprehensive and Comparative Questionnaire for Measuring Personality in Chimpanzees Using a Simultaneous Top-Down/Bottom-Up Design (PDF)

H. Freeman, S.F. Brosnan, L.M. Hopper, S.P. Lambeth, S.J. Schapiro, and S.D. Gosling (2013). American Journal of Primatology, 9999, 1–12. doi:10.1002/ajp.22168

* Featured paper of the month in the American Journal of Primatology

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