Research Coordinator

Language Research Center, Georgia State University

Curriculum Vitae


Research Interests: social behavior, social cognition, gesture, representations of non-humans in literature


I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bucknell University (Class of 2014), where I was a dual Animal Behavior and Comparative Humanities major and Dance minor. As an undergraduate, my work with nonhuman primates focused primarily on studying the use of gestural cues by capuchin monkeys; however, I also participated in behavioral and cognitive studies with Bucknell’s hamadryas baboons and squirrel monkeys. For my honors thesis, I studied “Representations of the human/ nonhuman primate divide: the influence of science, fiction, and science-fiction on the concept of ‘being human.’”

At the Language Research Center, I contribute to the ongoing research effort as a Research Technician. I collaborate with both Dr. Michael Beran’s and Dr. Sarah Brosnan’s research teams on both manual and computerized studies dealing with behavior and cognition.