Graduate Student

Georgia State University

Curriculum Vitae


Research Interests: decision-making, risk and uncertainty, metacognition

I am PhD candidate in the Cognitive Sciences program at Georgia State University working with Dr. Sarah Brosnan. Broadly, I am interested in how non-human primates make decisions, in particular decisions involving the element of risk. I am also interested in better understanding the metacognitive abilities of primates from a comparative standpoint, looking at how multiple species (monkeys, apes, humans) respond to decisions involving risk and uncertainty.

Previously, I have worked at the Smithsonian National Zoo studying orangutan decision-making in a metacognition task and learning and memory on a touch screen task. I also spent a year taking behavioral data for chimpanzees and gorillas at the Lincoln Park Zoo before spending a year studying gorilla demographics, behavior, and bai (forest clearing) use data at Mbeli Bai in the Republic of Congo for the Wildlife Conservation Society.